Saturday, September 15, 2007

Pedophiles and Other Masculine Whores

While I was surfing across my "News & Views" folder on my IE browser, I stumbled across on OC Weekly another GOP operative was busted on a myriad of pedophilia charges. Jeffrey Ray Nielsen, a former Washington, D.C. aide to Congressman Dana Rohrabacher and OC GOP boss Scott Baugh, was charged last Thursday with 10 additional felonies in a second man-boy sex case -- this on top of pedophile-related charges against Nielson for allegedly having an intense sexual affair with a Westminster, CA high school freshman he met in a gay sex chat room. In fact, as OC Weekly reports, Nielson was well connected within Orange County GOP circles and was using his connections to weasel out of his mess.

But what really caught my attention was a response to the article in reporter R. Scott Moxley's blog by Debby Bodkin, who writes:

"As a concerned OC resident, is there a reason why there has never been a public explanation as to why the first set of porn charges filed against Jeffrey Nielsen were dismissed in March 2006? The public deserves to know why the first set of charges were dismissed. Now that there is a second set of porn charges filed against Nielsen, who is to say that these charges won't mysteriously disappear?

We can only pray that the judicial officer who supervises the trial proceedings of Mr. Nielsen is free and clear of any and all potential and/or appearances of conflicts of interest. I was disappointed to learn that Judge Clarence Haynes, a 1979 graduate of Western State Law School and former teacher at Westminster HS, where Nielsen's alleged victim attended HS, also supervised a majority of Jeffrey Nielsen's pre-trial hearings for the past 4 years. Not that there was a conflict of interest but there are so many other graduates of Western State Law school that seem to be supervising politically-charged, sexual misconduct lawsuits in California:

1.) Larry Scoufos, the former asst. DA of Sonoma County and a member of the prosecution team who lost the computer evidence for John Mark Karr's child porn charges, which allowed John Mark Karr to be released from jail on October 5, 2006. Sadly, John Chamberlain, also accused of child porn, was murdered in the OC jail on the same day.

2.) Larry Scoufos was also a member of the prosecution team who failed to prosecute Bishop Daniel Walsh for failing to report Ochoa's sexual misconduct against a minor child as mandated by law, before Ochoa fled the country to Mexico;

3.) Chuck Middleton, a former DA in OC for 30 years, a member of the prosecution teams that failed to file sex abuse charges against Jeffrey Andrade, a former teacher at Mater Dei HS, Michael Harris, a priest once employed by the Diocese of Orange, and John Lenihan, also a former priest once employed by the Diocese of Orange and a supervisory employee when the DA's office dismissed Jeffrey Nielsen's first set of porn charges in March 2006;

4.) Daniel Sullivan, an attorney whose law firm Sullivan & Ballog represents the OC Sheriff's Department, the Diocese of Orange and the LA Archdiocese, simultaneously. One has to wonder if this is a legal fee sharing deal; afterall, it must be quite economical to have one attorney protect accused sexual predators and wrongdoing of law enforcement officials simultaneously.

5). Maria Rullo Schinderle, the former HR Director and current General Counsel for the Diocese of Orange, supervising the $100 million sex abuse lawsuit settlement in December 2004, who also continues to supervise pending OCSC lawsuits relating to sex abuse allegations. Ms. Schinderle was also the attorney who orchestrated paying a sexual predator $100,000, Jeffrey Andrade, to dismiss his civil lawsuit against the Diocese of Orange in 2005.

Does anyone know why the OC District Attorney's public affairs counsel did not release this information about new charges files against Jeffrey Nielsen? This is very odd."

I agree with you Debby that I find all this to be very odd. What I also find very odd -- and very unsettling -- is that pedophiles, masculine whores, closeted gay men passing for straight with wives as their appendages, and other sexually maladjusted gay men would gravitate to, and find refuge in the Republican party. What its leadership saw in them, I wish I knew. But the real threat to the GLBT communities are deeply closeted, self-loathing, sexually maladjusted gay men who act out their interior psychodramas by passing repressive anti-gay legislation. And when you think of the likes of Mark Foley, Ted Haggard, Larry Craig and Jeffrey Nielson bringing ridicule and embarrassment to the GOP with their various sexual pecadilloes, and when you can't help but still ascertain who Jeff Gannon was dogfucking to get his press credentials (Karl Rove, perhaps?), couldn't you help but wonder if that "big tent of inclusion" that the GOP aspires to be has become a disease-infested bordello with its political whores infecting those whom they roll in the hay with...politically speaking?

Speaking of the need for condoms...and sex education.

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