Thursday, November 8, 2007

Birds of a Feather Fornificate Together: Pat Robertson Endorses Guiliani for President

Can you picture this: Rudolph Guiliani as Pat Robertson's masculine whore...or should I say his Eukanuba-eating bitch? A exhibitionist drag queen being dogfucked under the mistletoe by a theocratic loose cannon with diarrhea of the mouth?

Just when you thought politics made for strange bedfellows, another odd couple has hit the political sheets together inside the proverbial sugar shack: right-wingnut televangelist Pat Robertson endorses former New York City mayor Rudolph Guiliani for President.

As Peter Montgomery notes in the Huffington Post, "(W)hat appears to be a political odd couple may in fact be the perfect marriage of expedience and hypocrisy in pursuit of political power and influence.

There is no doubt that Pat Robertson, like James Dobson, is a polarizing political figure, one whose divisive and destructive mixing of religion in politics -- claiming to speak on behalf of God and threatening divine retribution on those who disagree with his political agenda -- smacks of theocratic demagoguery. And anyone who remembers Father Conghlin would probably wish they did after hearing these blowhards shoot off their mouths.

For years, Robertson has ranted from his televised bully pulpit that God would bring his wrath down on America for, among other things, providing reproductive choice to women and granting rights and freedoms to gay and lesbian Americans. It's the likes of these political sacroprostitutes and sacropressitites that give Christianity a bad name.

Or, given Guiliani's penchant for transvestism, as Trevor Nielson called them in the Huffington Post, "Social Conservatives in Drag."

Chris Floyd at Empire Burlesque succinctly hit in on the nail with this quote: "It is truly a match made in Heaven: a long-time dictator-coddler, blood diamond merchant, Jew-hater and milkshake shiller – who dabbles in religious flim-flammery on the side – endorsing a torture-loving, warmongering, serially adulterous, gender-confused, compulsively lying authoritarian to lead God's own country."

The one person we should really be feeling sorry for is Fooliani's wife Judith -- I mean, can you imagine her going to bed each night with Winston Churchill and waking up with RuPaul? Brother!

Such handsome couples. Sleep with a political sacroprostitute, expect to contract a STD, or worse, HIV and AIDS. They made the bed they rock and roll in, I say let them wirth in it.

And now, a word from Eukanuba.

Feed the breed.

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