Thursday, November 15, 2007

Fox News: Hypocrisy Be Thy Name

Okay! Yes, I watch Fox News.

Yes, I love fiction.

Since it hit the airwaves in 1996, Fox News has become the yellow journalism of the MSM, a shameless partisan subsidiary of the Reupblican Party and pom-pom-shaking cheerleader for a intellectually discredited group of neoconmen whose policies have proved disasterous. As Glenn Greenwald notes in his Brave New Films web site:

Most of you are aware, and most likely have been for a while, that under the guise of "news" Fox has offered its viewers a steady stream of bias pertaining to social and political issues since its inception in 1996. From attacking Black America to pushing for war with Iran, from demonizing bloggers to distorting environmental issues, theirs is quite a record of achievement in propagating propaganda that is neither fair nor balanced.

Today we have a surprise (well at least it surprised all of us at BNF). Thanks to the terrific work of the News Hounds, we bring you Fox and ole' Billy O'Reilly attacking decency. Yes, you read that right. The self-righteous, pompous, bloviators who deign to lecture on how we should behave in our personal lives, are in fact exploiting women, pandering to the lowest common denominator and pushing smut out on the airwaves on a daily basis!

And this will definitely raise your hackles. YOU ARE PAYING FOR THIS!

Once you watch this video, you'll know what everybody's now talking about.

Apparently the video was too hot for YouTube to handle, which led them to pull it off its site.

Gloria Steimen has perhaps the definitive comment on this video: "Fox News shows more sexualized violence and humiliation than probably any other network -- all in the name of condemning it -- while under-showing violence in Iraq, all in the name of supporting it. After this video, smart viewers and advertisers will boycott Fox." Steimem's statement is noteworthy given that Brent Bozell's Family Television Council gives FOX Television high honors year after year for "unsuitable" programming.

Given the pictures shown of barely legal teenagers on Internet porn sites, and American Idol contestants who disrobe and pose nude for magazine spreads, not to mention Neil Cavuto's penchant for interviewing Hooters' girls and amply exhibiting their cleavage for the world to see, and using such saliciously envelope-pushing ads -- from the notorious Paris Hilton hamburger commercial to the plugs for Girls Gone Wild videos -- to tilliate and tantilize the audience, it should come as no surprise that all this gives the couplet "Orchestra and Balcony/What They Want Is What You See" (from the musical A Chorus Line) a whole new meaning.

Now tits and ass may not get Paris Hilton any jobs soon, but not once did I ever recall seeing anything resembling softcore porn on television while I watched Chet Huntley and David Brinkley on the evening news.

That's Fox News for you in a nutshell: Sanctimoniously attacking the decline of American morality while shamelessly engaging sexploitation to attract viewers.

So much for the integrity of journalism. Edward R. Murrow must be turning over in his grave right now, blushing red with embarrassment.

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