Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Difference Between Demagogery and Pontification is Press Coverage...

(Credit: Associated Press)

Ann "Annthrax" Coultier, the demented rabble-rouser of K Street is at it again. This time, she's directed her virtol at GOP Presidential candidate John McCain. As noted in the Huffington Post, Coultier showed at the Conservative Political Action Committee like a skunk at a garden party. Though they were still furious at her for calling John Edwards a "faggot" at last year's affair, the Young America's Foundation invited her to speak over CPAC's objections. No sooner did she hit the podium that she seized on the opportunity to vent her venom at McCain, going as far as to use a tasteless Hitler analogy when going into attack mode.

This is not just an isolated moment, but rather part of a broader pattern of attacks by GOP conservatives aimed squarely at McCain. As Jonathan Stein observes in Mother Jones, "Die-hard conservatives despise McCain for multiple reasons. Primarily, they fear the impact his candidacy could have on the Republican Party and the conservative movement. For conservatives, derailing McCain's candidacy is not about electability, but ideological protection. Stein goes on to add, "Conservatives also feel that McCain has routinely frustrated their ambitions by taking heretical policy stances. Stein summarizes the whole thing in a nutshell: "Fearing his independent streak and heretical policy stances, John McCain's biggest enemies are (his) fellow conservatives.

Like the Rolling Stones once said ever so succinctly in a song, "You Can't Always Get What You Want." You have had your opportunity, and you squandered it big time. Let the world revel in your tumble. Now just go home and lie down.

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