Friday, February 15, 2008

Halleujah! The WGA Strike is Finally Over!

"War is over if you want it" - JOHN LENNON


The 100-day-old Writers' Guild strike is over. The leadership of Patric Vallone and David Young, with the help of some back-channeling efforts, managed to get some concessions from the studios, most notably residuals for works shown on the Internet. Patrick Goldstein summarizes both the winners and the losers in his weekly Los Angeles Times column, while Marc Norman concludes in a Salon essay, "Once upon a time there were film and TV writers who were getting screwed over by the suits. Thanks to the outcome of the WGA strike, those days are over."

In gratitude, Patric Vallone provides the WGA rank-and-file with a timely Thank You letter that was posted on Nikki Fikke's Deadline Hollywood Daily blog.

And what no better way to celebrate this glorious occasion than the Roches performing Handel's "Halleujah Chorus":


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