Monday, May 12, 2008

Bill Clinton Went to Bed With Hillary Rodman and Woke Up With Richard Nixon

Now that I caught your attention with that headline, let's turn our attention to the issue at hand:

Hillary Clinton, with her backside up against the wall, has taken a page from the Karl Rove book of dirty political campaigning and has infused all sorts of racially tinged attacks Barrack Obama, suggesting he is not qualified to lead our country. To have Richard Nixon's "Southern Strategy" appropriated by her to suit her electorial ends is both shameful and inexcusable. Trust me, the likes of Joseph Goebbels, Lee Atwater and Joseph McCarthy are smiling in their graves.

Everything that one finds fault with the Clinton campaign has been distilled into this wickedly funny parody from last weekend's Saturday Night Live:

Hillary's campaign-trail antics has left a bad aftertaste in almost everyone's mouths. As Evan Handler notes in the Huffington Post, "The problem with Clinton's recent comments and campaign techniques is not just that they're divisive and destructive, as others have already pointed out. It's not just that they're Rovian, and reminiscent of earlier Republican smears against other Democratic candidates. It's that they're all of those things, as well as pointless. They serve no purpose other than to tear down a competitor. They demonstrate nothing about Clinton's superiority, or Obama's inability to be an effective leader in comparison, where he to be elected. They illuminate no useful qualities about her. They are useless, as well as destructive. That's the crime...(They) demonstrate only one thing: skill in manipulating unsophisticated voters, and a ruthless willingness to do so...(They're) simplistic demonstrations of bravado, effective with broad segments of society, and I believe we seen quite enough of that for some time to come.

And Barbara Ehrenreich goes on to concur, "Hillary Clinton smashed the myth of innate female moral superiority in the worst possible way -- by demonstrating female moral inferiority. We didn't really need her racial innuendos and free-floating bellicosity to establish that women aren't wimps. As a generation of young feminists realizes, the values once thought to be uniquely and genetically female -- such as compassion and an aversion to violence -- can be found in either sex, and sometimes it's a man who best upholds them."

Let's face it, folks. Hillary Clinton is no Margaret Thatcher...or even Benezeir Bhutto, for that matter. What's particularly striking is that her hijinks on the campaign trail are a manifestation of her worst qualities as a human being. Her personality traits - such as being an over-achiever, a demagogue, a panderer and possessing a profound incapacity for learning anything but political lessons when she should be learning more about the world that she wants so desperately to control -- reveal more about her character and personal conduct than any external forces that may have contributed to her campaign's undoing.

Hillary, do yourself -- and the rest of us -- a big favor. Cut your losses, throw in the towel, take whatever lessons you might have learned, and move on -- even if you have to shed yourself of the peckerwood who's done you wrong one too many times. As Scarlett O'Hara once said in Gone With the Wind, "Tomorrow's another day."

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