Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Didn't the Lord God Say That You Should Have No Other Gods Before Me?

"Television: Democracy at its Ugliest" - EDWARD R. MURROW

So it's David vs. David in this year's finale of American Idol, the perrenial music competition as to whom becomes the next Baal of the music industry to be worshipped and glorified in all its paganistic splendor.

To that I say, "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn."

Let's play a spade and call the reality juggernaut for what its title should be: False Diety.

What the show does is deify people in ways they shouldn't be, even as genuinely talented singers like Jennifer Hudson are put at the mercy of the audience whose final vote tally dictates as to who stays and who goes.

And there's its resident Bonnie Prince Darkie, Simon Cowell, dressed from the neck down in black to save on his funeral expenses, waiting to rain on some unfortunate canary's parade with an acerbic put-down. He should be reduced to writing one-liners on sitcoms alongside that long-time fashion critic Mr. Blackwell.

If songwriter Gerry Goffin said that "God is a black girl who can sing," then those who voted Jennifer Hudson off the show must be kicking themselves in their butts and cowering their heads in shame once she won the Oscar for her portrayal of Effie White in the film adaptation of "Dreamgirls."

Personally, I would rather listen to a vintage Motown classic track from the likes of Kim Weston, Brenda Holloway, and the Marvelettes rather than these wanna-bes. The bulk of these contestants are slated to become fodder for trivia buffs a few years down the road.

As to where the hell Kelly Clarkson's tour's going, Clay Aiken's sex life, Carrie Underwood's exploits on the country music circuit, or even if Ruben Stoddard underwent the Lap-Band to remedy his obesity problem, I wouldn't care less.

Two Prozac, please.

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