Saturday, June 14, 2008

The 2008 Cauliflower Alley Club Reunion

I've just got back last Thursday from the 2008 Cauliflower Alley Club reunion held in Las Vegas! There was a lot going on, from baloney bashes and a live wrestling show to the opportunity to connect with many of the legends of pro wrestling.

Here is just a sampling of who was there and what went on:

Left: Rock Riddle, Right: Chris Masters talks with a fan

Alex Knight and Steve "Dr. Death"Williams

Left: Dan "The Beast" Severn; Right: Wrestling historian Scott Teal and Luna Vachon

Beverly Shade, Marla Bastien, and Princess Jasmine

Left: Steve "Dr. Death Williams and Pat Patterson; Right: Harley Race

Joey and Valerie Borsch

Left: Red Bastien and Tiger Conway Jr.; Right: Terry Funk

Left: Roller Derby legend Loretta Brehens; Right: Les Thornton

Left: CAC President and AWA legend Nick Bockwinkel; Right: "Stone Cold" Steve Austin

Past CAC President Red Bastien and CAC VP Karl Lauer on the podium during the Baloney Bash

Left: CAC honoree Ronnie Garvin; Right: CAC honoree Betty Niccoli

CAC VP Karl Lauer with honorees representing the Guerrero family

Left: Former CAC Future Legends honorees Cheerleader Melissa Anderson (l.) and Frankie Kazerian (r.) with 2008 honoree Ricky Landell; Right: Banquet MC and "Four Horsemen" manager J. J. Dillon

Left: Bill Bowman and Sandy Parker; Right: WWE announcer Jim Ross poses with a fan

CAC honorees Pat Patterson and Bret "Hit Man" Hart

Pat Patterson leads the banquet attendees in the finale singing "My Way"

For information on the 2009 CAC Reunion, visit their website at