Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Requiem for a Maverick Who Sold Out His Principles and Sold His Soul to Karl Rove

To say that politics is dirty business is an understatement. And what has emerged from the McCain/Palin campaign is beyond filthy. It is bordering on political pornography.

Having the electorate subjected to robo-calls, manufactured controversies, faux bogeymen, snide innuendos, and drive-by character assasinations are as excruciating as watching a torture porn video on YouTube where Sarah Palin straps on a dildo and bangs John McCain in the ass, putting him through more torture than his 5 1/2 years as a P.O.W. incarcerated inside the Hanoi Hilton, Astroglide or no Astroglide.

Now you can see why so many conservatives washing their hands of the McCain/Palin ticket. Their ruthlessness and insensitivity shows no boundaries, no sense of decency or morality. Karl Rove may not be part of the campaign, but his fingerprints and those of his acolytes are all over this, so you know who's the responsible party here.

Trust me, there's nothing so pathetic as watching a politician leave his principles at the door and ruthlessly try to get elected at any cost. He's not a maverick, but a flim-flam man selling snake oil. Just imagine for a moment what John McCain could really have achieved had he remained a true maverick and not made bacon with the Bushites.

May I have a Prozac, please.

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