Friday, November 14, 2008

Motown: From Bollywood to Hollywood, Non-Stop

One of the things about YouTube is how they unleashed the creativity of a cornucopia of amateur video artists. Some of them took vintage Motown tracks and set them to dance sequences from old movies and even Bollywood flicks.

From Bollywood, here's one set to the Velvelettes' "Needle in a Haystack"

And one set to the Elgins' "Heaven Must Have Sent You"

And from Hollywood, here's one set to Tammi Terrell's "Two Can Have a Party":

And here's one set to the Contours' "Just a Little Misunderstanding"

And yet another one, set to the Contours' "First I Look At the Purse"

And here's another one, set to Eddie Holland's "Just Ain't Enough Love"

And in the interests of fair play, here's one set to the Dells' "Run for Cover"

Now if someone would please come up with something using one of those classic Marvelettes' tracks?

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