Monday, November 24, 2008

Saxby Chambliss: A Man With No Consicence, No Decency and Utterly No Shame

Once again, the devil has come down to Georgia and the specter of McCarthyism has reared its ugly little head. As Steve Beren reports on

"Over the last few days, both the National Republican Senatorial Committee and a far-right group called Freedom's Watch have both launched ads attacking Democrat Jim Martin for being "soft on crime." More specifically, the conservatives insist that Martin has opposed measures that would crack down on criminals who prey on children.

Beren goes on to add, "Of all the issues Republicans could have picked, this has to be the most offensive -- Martin's daughter was kidnapped when she was just eight years old. She was, fortunately, returned to the family safely, but Martin has a more personal background when it comes to crimes against children than most of us would even care to imagine.

If you want further proof of his shameless audacity, here's Chambliss's distateful attack ad on Max Cleland from six years ago:

And what further serves to further solidify my personal opinion on this scumbag is that he has no regrets or shame for the Swift-Boating he did on Cleland. Watch this excerpt from a Fox News report, and then you decide:

The irony both here and elsewhere is unbelievable; Max Cleland -- a disabled war veteran -- was smeared by Chambliss as "unpatriotic." In the U.S. Senate race in North Carolina, Elizabeth Dole called her Democratic opponent -- a Sunday School teacher -- "godless," and was voted out of office as a consequence. President-elect Barack Obama was criticized by these same people for the church he attended, his associations with radical leftists, and was falsely accused of being a Muslim. And and now Jim Martin -- a man whose family has known crime against children firsthand -- is being accused of being soft on perpetrators who prey on children.

Given the ruthlessness Saxby Chambliss has exhibited both past and present, one would think that the far-right's habitual liars, wolf-criers, criminal coddlers and shameless hypocrites would finally lose credibility, if they haven't by now.

But then, their collective conscience and decency has circled the drain a long time ago.

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