Monday, December 15, 2008

Self-Exploitation So Shameless, It's Beyond Shameful

Nancy Grace: Take away ther twins, the juris doctorate and her stint as federal prosecutor, and what you have left is Mary Sunshine, the "sob sister" yellow journalist from the musical "Chicago" who cries a Niagara of tears over every injustice imaginable.

From every media-sensationalized murder -- from Lacy Peterson to the anniliation of Jennifer Hudson's family -- straight up to the fatal disappearance of little Caylee Anthony, Nancy Grace is a bottom-feeding tabloid sensationalist who whips up hysteria and conducts a televised trial not by a court of law, but by a court of public opinion, replete with lawyers and other legal advocates giving talking head even as they try to demonstrate their various biases. This is indeed a televised perversion of the legal process, one where one is deemed as guilty until proven innocent, not the other way around

Even worse, she relentlessly puts her twins on display, as if they were Ivy League college degrees or something. I know she's a proud mother, and that she risked her life to bring them into this not-so-perfect world replete with traps and pratfalls, but that doesn't justify any of this narcissism.

May I have two Valium, please.

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