Monday, December 22, 2008

Who the Hell is Arnold Schwarzenegger Kidding?

On last night's 60 Minutes, California "Governator" Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Vera Hruba Ralston of American politics, makes no bones about the fact that he wants to become U.S. President, it they would only amend our Federal Constitution to allow naturalized citizens to run for the Presidency.

Arnold Schwarzenegger for President? Given his job performance as California Governor, that's about as asinine, absurd and ridiculous as a native-born American becoming a naturalized citizen all because he or she was born Caesarian.

Now why do you think the founders of our country made it clear our President should be a "native-born American," the crackpot right-wing-nuts' hysterical claims to Obama's illegitimacy notwithstanding?

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