Thursday, January 29, 2009

Blago Gets the Boot and Haggard's Gone Augustinian...

"Today ends a painful episode for Illinois...For months, the state had been crippled by a crisis of leadership. Now that cloud has lifted." - U.S. President BARACK OBAMA

In Springfield, Illinois, the media flea circus has finally come to an end: The Illinois Senate voted 59-0 to remove embattled Gov. Rod Blagojevich

Needless to say, the disgraced former governor kept running off at the mouth, claiming his removal from office was "preordained" and that his removal was "based on incomplete and unsubstantiated evidence."

But then, with Blago, you don't know what is sheer chutzpah and how much is delusions of grandeur.

Blago, you've been busted big-time. You abused your position by shaking down people to fill your personal piggy bank -- even going as far as to sell an appointment to fill Obama's Senate term to the highest bidder. The wiretaps spoke volumes as to just how endemically corrupt you really are.

You have hurt and publicly humiliated the people of Illinois with your actions. The resulting crisis that was a direct consequence of your misbehavior has paralyzed state government and has the political establishment taking numbers and waiting in line just to hate your guts.

You may have corrupted the State, but you were unable to establish your own personal fiefdom. In spite of you, we are still a free, democratic society, maybe even somewhat wiser. And as for you, may you have many years of solitude to ponder what could have been if you had exhibited at least a scintilla of honor and selflessness.

Meanwhile, on CNN's Larry King Live, disgraced pastor Ted Haggard continues his media Traveling Salvation Show as he goes into Augustinian mode to "come clean" about his cornucopia of sexual transgressions.

Face it Bud. You're gay, you're in denial, and you're hurting yourself and your loved ones by continuing to live a lie. Just cut your losses and be honest and true to yourself for a change.

After all, didn't Jesus state in the New Testament that it's what within your heart that defiles you?

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