Tuesday, July 7, 2009

That's Obitutainment? Enough is Enough!

"America was not mourning the death of a human being: It was bowing down before celebrity itself. The whole thing was a gigantic lie, and faintly obscene -- a disservice to the idea of mourning, and ultimately to Jackson, whoever he was." - GARY KAMIYA, as quoted in Salon.com

I personally boycotted watching the Michael Jackson memorial service on television today. It had nothing to do with what Vanessa Richmond coined as "obitutainment fatigue." It had more to do with the sickening nausea factor of the shameless media exploitation and the extravagance that went with it, not to mention the pretense and hypocrisy of his celebrity "friends" on stage who were hogging the camera as they were eulogizing him.

Now where were they when Michael was experiencing legal and financial troubles? Did they show up at the Santa Barbara courthouse to provide moral support? Did they bother to sit him down and lecture him on how to conduct his affairs? Did they try to put a brake on his extravagances and other self-indulgences?

Hell, no!

But then, they weren't there when they crucified Our Lord, either.

Now is there anyone else besides myself who is so sick and tired of the wasted time and space that the media devoted to him and his death?

In the meantime, I'll just go to my bedroom and start taking up crocheting again.

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