Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Junk Food for Terminal Nostalgics: Remembering "Fractured Flickers"

Once upon a time in the 1990's, I auditioned for a possible spot in the comedy troupe the L.A. Connection, the group that gave you "Mad Movies" -- old movies with a new dialogue and vocal track. Mad Movies was a derivative ripoff of a classic syndicated TV series, "Fractured Flickers."

Here is a good example of what the show specialized in. This is a parody skit using the Peter Lorre film "M" as its source:

But what set Fractured Flickers apart was its interview segments with celebrity guests of the day, who were willing to poke fun at themselves and their personas. Here is an interview with "Twilight Zone" creator Rod Sterling:

Another with Barbara Eden (pre-"I Dream of Jeannie")...

And another with Allen Sherman ("Hello Muddah, Hello Fathah")

Regretably, much of the fabled output from the Jay Ward production mill is now tied up in protracted litigation. On the message boards focusing on Motown, there is a rallying cry by Blinky fans screaming, "FREE BLINKY FROM THE VAULTS!"

How about freeing those Jay Ward gems from the vaults as well?

Note: Saundra "Blinky" Williams lives in the Los Angeles area and is the choirmaster of the Hollywood Community Choir.

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