Saturday, March 22, 2008

More Upsets Than a Conga Line of Nauseated Party Animals at the Vomitorium..

Let's face it, folks. By the time this weekend is over, there will be more upsets this year in the NCAA basketball tourament that a conga line of nauseated partygoers waiting to purge themselves at the vomitorium.

In the first round, four lower-seeded teams pulled off improbable upsets. #13-seed San Diego refused to be intimidated by U-Conn and sent the #2 seed to an early exit int the West regional, as did #12 Western Kentucky when it waxed #5-seeded Drake. Ditto #10 Davidson vis-a-vis #7 Gonzaga, #12 Villanova vis-a-vis #5 Clemson, and #11 Kansas State vis-a-vis #6 USC in the Midwest regional.

Here's how San Diego played giant-killer in upsetting #2 seed U-Conn:

For some persepctive on the USC loss, watch this video clip below:

But the real shockeroo two big shockers came forth on Saturday: #7 seed West Virginia knocked out #2 seed Duke in the second round, which was foreshadowed by its barely squeaking out a win over #15 Belmont.

Here's what "Coach K" had to say after Duke's loss:

Given the upsets that occured, you can bet your bottom dollar those who bet on the games will be taking one hell of a financial bath, Calgon or no Calgon.

Anyone for electroshock therapy?

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